Success Stories



Abigail Adamu thought she would die by the age of 35. She lived in constant fear her husband would beat her so violently that her children would find her dead. With no money, she fled her husband with her five children. After partnering with Leadership Initiatives, she now runs a restaurant that provides enough to afford food, schooling, and housing for her family, as well as the four orphaned children she now supports with her profits.



Huzaifa Hamza Rahma has been in the tailoring industry for over 20 years. In 2017, Huzaifa sold everything trying to save his daughter who had a hole in her heart. When she died he was devastated. He had no home, no income, and no way to support his wife and six other children. In 2018, Huzaifa partnered with Leadership Initiatives and worked with a team of interns. Together they developed a business plan and designed a new tailoring shop. Leadership Initiatives provide Huzaifa with the seed money to put the plan into action.


& Business

Once business owners have completed training, Leadership Initiatives pairs International Business & Development interns with a business partner and business mentor. Interns are given the opportunity to help tackle major issues at the grassroots level by working directly with small business owners to support and incubate local entrepreneurs. Students will work with Leadership Initiatives staff over the course of nine months to provide income-generating solutions that focus on food supply, women empowerment, environment and sustainability, personal care, and mobility.

Catherine and her team partnered with Haruna Jonathan Maina to develop solutions for his fish farm. They raised over $1,000 to implement their financial, advertising, and infrastructure solutions.

Law &


The International Law & Advocacy Internship aims to introduce interns to the complexities and challenges of fighting human rights abuses and working within community development. Interns will gain an understanding of the unwavering commitment, focus, and determination required to work within this field. From working with interns, local community members will develop essential civic skills and knowledge, building their practical ability to advocate for themselves and others, and enhancing the human rights within the community.

Sofia and her team worked to advocate for the revision of human rights policies to end human trafficking in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Sofia and her team raised over $2,000 to support their advocacy.



The International Public Health Internship strives to empower young leaders to improve health worldwide by equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully save lives, develop ethical considerations, and enrich communities all while making a meaningful difference in the world. Through working with interns, Leadership Initiatives enables communities to invest in the necessary infrastructure to address public health concerns that burden developing regions.

Sarah and her team created a public health campaign to reduce malaria in Bauchi State, Nigeria. They raised over $700 to implement their public health campaign in Bauchi.