International Internship Program FAQs

Program FAQs

Is this program for me?

If you’re a high school student who wants to develop your leadership skills and change lives, we’re here for you! The International Internship Program (IIP) is a truly unique opportunity that teaches you how to change lives around the world. The single greatest thing any student can have when applying for college is an experience that sets them apart from their peers. Students who participate in IIP work directly with world entrepreneurs to create a new business or expand a growing business in a developing country by resolving their local problems. Depending on the particular role chosen, student experiences may include peer-leadership, fundraising, communications, public relations, or project management. They also have an opportunity to meet and network with other top high school students, businesses, and community leaders who support the LI mission. Our student leaders are literally making a difference in lives and communities across the globe as you read this! We care a great deal about our students and their success. In addition to guiding you through the ins-and-outs of hands-on experience for changing the world, we also prepare you for college and professional life like no other program out there.

  • Free ACT/SAT training from TestRocker
  • College search and application assistance
  • Two letters of recommendation from LI staff members
  • Five college application essays – professionally reviewed and edited
  • Three scholarship application essays – professionally reviewed and edited
  • Resumes – professionally reviewed and edited
  • Two verified community service hours per week
How do I apply for the program?

Applications for the International Business Internship Progam can be submitted by filling out this application here. Our International Business Internship Program Selection Committee examines all applications on a case by case basis. If you are selected, you will be notified within 10 business days.

Application FAQs

How are students paired with business partners?

Leadership Initiatives has many different businesses with owners who are excited and ready to work with IIP participants. IIP students will have the opportunity to choose who they would like to work with from a list of available businesses.

Will students have to pay for any supplies they may need for finding solutions or fundraising?

Each IIP team is given an LI debit card. Whenever a team is in need of supplies, they will email their IIP coordinator and will be given the funds they need.

What are the different positions in the IIP program?

There are six positions available in an IBIP team:

Nigeria Partnership Chair

  1. Complete research
  2. Have calls with translator and business partner
  3. Work to create solutions
  4. Develop a connection between your team and the team in Nigeria

Special Projects Chair

  1. Complete technical solution-based research
  2. Complete calls with the staff in Nigeria
  3. Work to create solutions
  4. Make sure your team members are involved in the solution creation process

Media Chair

  1. Collect all the pictures and information needed to create your team’s website
  2. Write press releases for local media
  3. Create advertising documents for your team’s fundraisers
  4. Reach out to local media to showcase your team’s efforts to transform lives across the globe.

Fundraising Chair

  1. Host one fundraiser per month
  2. Set a goal of a $100 dollars per month to raise for business partners
  3. Connect with and spread our message to your local community
  4. Help fund solutions and businesses for years to come.

Team Lead

  1. Guide your team through the process
  2. Communicate with both the US and Nigerian teams regularly
  3. Help finish any work when needed
  4. Be a positive role model for your entire team
What is the time commitment of IIP?

IIP is a two-year program is for all high school students. Students will be asked to Skype once a week for approximately 15 minutes with their IIP facilitator and will usually Skype with their business partner and translator every three to four weeks. During these calls, goals, and timelines will be established for the team. There is not an enforced amount of time needed to work per week, but most successful teams find that the best way to complete their tasks is by working on solutions and fundraising for two to three hours a week. Students are always able to take time off or reschedule calls for vacations, tests, sporting events, etc. whenever they need.

Leadership Initiatives FAQs

Leadership Initiatives FAQs

Leadership Initiatives (LI) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been fully vetted by GlobalGiving and has received their “Superstar” rating. Leadership Initiatives has also received “Goldstar” status from Guidestar, “Top Nonprofit” status from Great Nonprofits, and was awarded Georgetown University’s coveted Outstanding Community Partner award from their Center For Social Justice. LI empowers underdeveloped communities to address their own needs by partnering with local government and business leaders to provide promising individuals with entrepreneurial, leadership, and project management training. These leaders are able to identify obstacles, develop solutions, and create new businesses to empower themselves and their communities.