The International Business &
Development Internship Program
Partner with a Real Business

The International Business & Development Internship Program is a first-of-its-kind program that allows students to work directly with businesses in the developing world. Leadership Initiatives identifies small business owners and participants for the program who live on less than $1.90 a day, have limited business experience, and struggle to provide for their family’s basic needs.

The International Business & Development Internship Program then pairs student interns with a business partner and a business mentor. As an intern of the International Business & Development Internship, students will help tackle major issues at grass-roots level. Interns will work directly with their small business owners in Bauchi, Nigeria to support and incubate local entrepreneurs.

Students will work with Leadership Initiatives staff over the course of nine months to provide income-generating solutions for these small business owners that focus on food supply, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, personal care, and mobility.

Interns will get practical exposure to business start-ups, project management, social development efforts, business ethics, and mentorship. Interns will also see first hand how innovation can solve issues and help provide for the most vulnerable population.

Grades: Rising Freshmen To Graduating Seniors

Summit Dates: September 1st – May 15th

Time: 1 – 2 Hours per Week

Location: Online

Price: Free

Program Highlights

Partner with a Real Business

Develop a Marketing Strategy, Financial Plan, and Expansion Proposal for a Start-up Business

Students will intern with the Leadership Initiatives and work directly with entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Interns will collaborate with business mentors, development organizations, and more to create a business plan to improve a real business in the developing world.

Interns will help small business owners find new ways to generate income and savings from their small businesses and ultimately improve their standard of living and help them provide for themselves and their families.

Determine How Small Business Grants Are Spent

Each internship team will determine how their business partner spends seed money to improve their business. Working in teams, interns will create unique solutions to market problems facing the community of the business.

Leadership Initiatives Facilitators and Business Managers will guide interns through key focus areas as students interpret market feedback, test your assumptions, and overcome challenges.

Hands-on Experience

Implement Business Solutions with Industry Experts

Wrestle with Issues Confronting Small Businesses

As an intern for the International Business & Development Internship, students will use an interactive approach to learning that gives them an opportunity to immerse themself in the challenging complexities of the business world.

Students will have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to help their start-up business partner improve their business venture. Internship teams will improve the direction their business partner takes as they help them make decisions in finance, production, research & development, human resources, and marketing.

Work One-On-One With Industry Leaders

Interns will meet with and learn from global experts about how to build and manage a successful small business in sub-Sarahan Africa.

Leadership Training

Rare Opportunity to Build Confidence and Resume Through Hands-On Leadership Development and Experiential Learning

Interns will become a key player determining the success or failure of their partner’s business. Interns will receive a strong insight into ethical practices and leadership etiquette, giving them an advantage over their peers.

Experience International Diversity and Interact with Global Leaders

Students will work with the Leadership Initiatives team in Bauchi, Nigeria, to conduct customer research, develop market insights, and create solutions with development experts. These interactions will provide interns with global insight.

Program events will allow students to learn how each corporation launches marketing plans, creates new products, and remains active within the community it resides.

International Internship Program Benefits

SAT/ACT Training


TestRocker is the premier online SAT/ACT training resource for high school students across the United States.

College Probability


LI has designed a system that will calculate the probability of acceptance into the student’s top university choices

Summer Program



IIP participants receive personalized scholarships to attend a LI Youth Development Program at Georgetown.

College Essay Review


All IIP participants are able to submit five college application essays for review by our partners at University Connection.

Letters of


IIP students will have the opportunity to have two letters of recommendation written for them by any LI staff member.

Real-World Experience


Students who participate in IIP will partner with business, public health, or advocacy organizations in the developing world.

Scholarship Assistance


LI has compiled a database of past scholarship recipients to identify these factors and ease the burden of scholarship application for IIP students.

Resume Editing


All participants in the IIP receive professional resume creation advice and help from Leadership Initiatives.




LI will work to ensure that your work to transform lives is recognized.

Personalized Team


Leadership Initiatives creates a personalized website for each International Internship Program team highlighting their collaborative efforts with their partner in the International Business & Development Internship, International Law & Advocacy Internship, or International Public Health Internship.

The website displays your team’s solutions, grant proposal, photos of your partners, and illustrates the impact your team has had on the life and community of your partners. The website link is included in your letters of recommendation, allowing colleges to independently explore the phenomenal work done by each and every student.

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