International Internship Program Benefits

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College Probability


LI has designed a system that will calculate the probability of acceptance into the student’s top university choices

SAT/ACT Training


TestRocker is the premier online SAT/ACT training resource for high school students across the United States.

College Essay Review


All IIP participants are able to submit five college application essays for review by our partners at University Connection.

Letters of


IIP students will have the opportunity to have two letters of recommendation written for them by any LI staff member.

Community Service


All IIP participants will be able to request verified community service hours for their time in our internships.

Scholarship Assistance


LI has compiled a database of past scholarship recipients to identify these factors and ease the burden of scholarship application for IIP students.

Personalized Website


All IIP participants will receive a personalized website to showcase their achievements.

Real-World Experience


Students who participate in IIP will partner with business, public health, or advocacy organizations in the developing world.

Resume Editing


All participants in the IIP receive professional resume creation advice and help from Leadership Initiatives.