The International Law & Advocacy Internship

The Leadership Initiatives International Law & Advocacy Internship program focuses on human rights activism through education, advocacy, and public interest litigation. Interns will assist with research and report writing on cases of human rights violations. They will also be involved in advocacy work with the chance to meet with important community stakeholders.

During the International Law & Advocacy Internship Program, interns will prepare research and assistance to local organizations that provide services to victims of rights violations. Intern will assist with the creation of various education and training materials to build awareness in the community of human rights violations.

Interns will work with others from around the world for this extraordinary opportunity to step into the role of human rights advocate. By working with Leadership Initiatives staff on the ground, interns will gain exposure to the challenges associated with protecting and exercising one’s human rights in Nigeria. The project coordinator will guide interns as they design their advocacy projects. Together you will develop and create tools to address some of the most pressing human rights issues and concerns facing people in Nigeria.

As an intern, you will participate in creating change for people who have experienced human rights violations, conduct legal and human rights research to help assist in the documentation of human rights issues, and assist with supplemental research to support others whose human rights have been violated.

Grades: Rising Freshmen To Graduating Seniors

Summit Dates: September 1st – May 15th

Time: 1 – 2 Hours per Week

Location: Online

Price: Free

Program Highlights

Grassroots Advocacy

Create an Advocacy Plan and Community Initiative for Human Rights Violations

Interns of the International Law & Advocacy Internship will work with others around the world, mobilizing the energy and expertise of non-governmental organizations to help tackle issues including human rights violations, climate change, peace and security, women’s empowerment, clean water initiatives, and access to education.

Interns will work toward improving the lives of the individuals impacted by human rights violations by creating advocacy campaigns that promote the rights to which every human is inherently entitled.

Determine How to Improve Human Rights Conditions

Working in teams, interns will create unique solutions to problems facing the underserved community in the developing world. Each internship team will determine how they will address risks and challenges to launch their advocacy campaign.

Hands-on Experience

Implement Business Solutions with Industry Experts

Gain Practical Experience to Improve Human Rights

Interns will be tasked with developing new ways to educate communities on themes such as gender equality, domestic violence, child and youth development rights, health, and wellbeing. Interns will conduct research on some of sub-Sarahan Africa’s biggest human rights and social challenges alongside experienced professionals.

Interns will develop research, writing, interviewing, and observation skills that will help them to become better global citizens, who are equipped to understand and intervene in the world around them.

Work One-On-One With Industry Leaders

Students will have an unparalleled opportunity to engage with professionals and NGOs virtually to acquire an in-depth view of current human rights challenges. Project coordinators will guide interns while they gain a deeper insight into championing human rights in a developing country.

Bring Real Change

Contribute Responsibly and Effectively to Improve the Lives of Those Living in the Developing World

Interns will work within a rural community to bring about change, eliminate stigmas, and increase knowledge of human rights. Students can focus on prevention, advocacy and awareness, or victim assistance and rehabilitation.

Interns will have a professional platform where they can make an impact against human rights violations in both prevention and rehabilitation for survivors.

Improve your Resume While Creating Tools to Address Some of the Most Pressing Rights Issues

Interns will advance their leadership and interpersonal communication skills by working in a multicultural environment and applying their knowledge and experience to a variety of ages, backgrounds, and cultural challenges.

Interns of the International Law & Advocacy Internship can make genuine contributions and gain experience working with community leaders, lawyers, and NGOs in Africa.

International Internship Program Benefits

SAT/ACT Training


TestRocker is the premier online SAT/ACT training resource for high school students across the United States.

College Probability


LI has designed a system that will calculate the probability of acceptance into the student’s top university choices

Summer Program



IIP participants receive personalized scholarships to attend a LI Youth Development Program at Georgetown.

College Essay Review


All IIP participants are able to submit five college application essays for review by our partners at University Connection.

Letters of


IIP students will have the opportunity to have two letters of recommendation written for them by any LI staff member.

Real-World Experience


Students who participate in IIP will partner with business, public health, or advocacy organizations in the developing world.

Scholarship Assistance

LI has compiled a database of past scholarship recipients to identify these factors and ease the burden of scholarship application for IIP students.

Resume Editing


All participants in the IIP receive professional resume creation advice and help from Leadership Initiatives.




LI will work to ensure that your work to transform lives is recognized.

Personalized Team


Leadership Initiatives creates a personalized website for each International Internship Program team highlighting their collaborative efforts with their partner in the International Business & Development Internship, International Law & Advocacy Internship, or International Public Health Internship.

The website displays your team’s solutions, grant proposal, photos of your partners, and illustrates the impact your team has had on the life and community of your partners. The website link is included in your letters of recommendation, allowing colleges to independently explore the phenomenal work done by each and every student.

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