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Our Internship Team


Rayna Jacob

Meridian World School

Class of 2023

Rayna Jacob is a senior at Meridian World School. She is a member of her school's IB program.

Rayna spends her free time listening to music, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She is a part of various school clubs ranging from STAR(Students Together Assisting Refugees) to Health Professions. Rayna is the secretary of her school's National Honor Society, and secretary of the Model United Nations club.

Rayna is looking forward to participating in the International Business & Development internship this year. From a young age, she has had interests in government, business, and law, and is grateful for the opportunity to explore and learn more about the field.


Hannah Mary Vinesh

Westwood High School

Class of 2025

HannahMary Vinesh is a sophomore who attends Westwood high school in Austin, she is taking two AP courses this year and is dedicated to joining the IB program next year.

Hannah loves dancing and has been learning an Indian classical dance for 8 years. She also loves math and she has been taking abacus classes for almost 5 years. She is also in her school's hosa club. This year she is planning on joining DECA, FBLA, and the ceramics club.

Hannah is excited about joining this internship because she is planning on taking business as her college major and a business internship will really help her gain more skills in the business field.


Pranav Nandakumar

Round Rock High School

Class of 2023

Pranav Nandakumar is a senior at Round Rock High School. Pranav is a student who challenges himself with AP classes, Dual-enrollment courses, and multiple extra curricular activities.

Pranav Nandakumar has competed and studied many hours for the spelling bee since 2nd grade. After aging out in middle school, Pranav proceeded to tutor children to help them succeed in the spelling bee. Pranav also volunteers and helps organize/conduct many spelling bees to give kids the same opportunities he had. In his free time, Pranav likes to play cricket and basketball.

Pranav is excited to be participating in the International Business & Development Internship. Pranav always enjoys participating in business related activities and wants to become a CEO one day. Pranav wants to utilize this program to learn more about the business world.


Virinchi Vadlamudi

Round Rock High School

Class of 2023

Virinchi Vadlamudi is a senior at Round Rock High School. Virinchi Vadlamudi is a committed honor student who has taken Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and advanced courses.

Virinchi Vadlamudi enjoys playing basketball and reading. At school, he is the Co-Founder and Vice President for his school’s robotics club, Rock Robotics. He is also a member of DECA and was part of the team that qualified to ICDC last year. Lastly he is a member of the National Honor Society. During his free time, Virinchi Vadlamudi runs his own Non-profit and tutors kids in Math.

Virinchi Vadlamudi is very excited to be participating in the International Business & Development Internship program. He loves learning about how various business concepts are applied in the real world and plans to pursue a business degree in college. In the future, Virinchi wants to use the skills he learned and improve the business state of the world.


Sage Westrick

Meridian World School

Class of 2023

Sage is a senior at Meridian World School. Sage is a honor student who is enrolled in both Advanced International Baccaleruate courses.

Sage is an active coach and competition for her basketball and fencing teams. At school, she is one of the Presidents of the Board Game Club. She is also a member of the Student Council and the National Honor Society. But above all a passionate volunteer. During her free time, she loves to dance.


Our Business Partner

Isa Ahmed Isa

Business Statistics

He has a side hustle of repairing vehicles along with his business

He needs to pay for his own transportation, food, and school when tending to the business

He still lives with his parents and siblings in a mud house

His older brother also helps by paying for the electricity in the house.

Isa Ahmed Isa

About Isa

Isa Ahmed Isa is a 19-year-old man from Anguwar gabar. He is not married yet he has a total of 17 siblings. His mother does not work so Isa works alongside his father to provide for the family

Isa prioritizes his family in all his endeavors. When he wakes up, he says his prayers, greets his parents, washes his father's car, bathes, eats his breakfast, and goes to work at his shop at Miri Market. His business is a vulcanizing business; as a side job, he also repairs vehicles.

Isa needs to pay for food, school, and clothing out of his pocket regularly for himself while he also helps assist his father by gathering funds for the family.

Isa Ahmed Isa

Community Impact

Isa's business ensures that every member of his community gets good service as vulcanizing and repairing vehicles is vital for transportation in the community.

Isa also contributes financially to the community's development through his vulcanizing business.

Directly speaking, Isa is able to help benefit 21 people in his community.

Isa Ahmed Isa

Our Partnership

Isa is very open about being eager and honored to collaborate with Leadership Initiatives' International Leadership and Business Interns and the effort that we put forth.

Isa hopes to expand his business and open a more prominent space while helping other young men in his community.

Isa hopes to achieve this goal through his partnership with IIP and make these changes in his community.

Our Approach


Financially literate entrepreneurs make growth-oriented financial and economic decisions for their savings, borrowing, and investments. Our team is working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to create an effective financial tracking system for his business finances, receipts, and daily costs.


Our team identified target markets and key demographics to create a customer acquisition plan. We are working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to redesign his brand and create effective marketing campaigns.


Steady growth is a critical component of creating self-sustaining communities. Our team is working to identify key areas of opportunity for Isiyaka Sa’ad and design solutions with grant money to improve his business to foster growth.

Our Fundraising



$750 GOAL

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced some of the highest growth rates globally over the past 10 years. While this means that people in these nations have become more optimistic about their social and economic future, the region continues to face a myriad of historical problems. In order to continue steady growth and achieve a future of equitable conditions in the region, our International Internship Program team seeks to build stronger communities from the grassroots level through fundraising for community development.

Funds raised are used to implement community-based education programs, pay staff to run the operations on-site, and invest in training for local leaders. Leadership Initiatives uses fundraised money to develop a network of support for actionable change and accountability between our team, the Leadership Initiatives staff, and the community stakeholders we work with.