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Anishka Banerjee

Lynbrook High School

Class of 2023

Anishka Banerjee is a senior at Lynbrook High School. She is a dedicated student who is enrolled in various Advanced Placement courses and active member of various organizations inside and outside of school.

Anishka has been playing tennis recreationally and competitively for nearly decade, and currently represents her school on the girl's varsity team. Anishka is also involved with two school councils, the Economics club, and the TED-Ed club on campus. Since her freshman year, Anishka has served on the executive board of the Youth Economics Initiative, a registered student-run nonprofit that provides students around the world pathways to careers in economics, business, and finance. She also volunteers with the Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles, providing emotional support to users of the Teen Talk app. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog and watching films with her family.

Anishka is very excited to join Leadership Initiatives' International Business and Development Internship and looks forward to working with her team to solve real-world issues. Anishka wants to use the experience and skills she gains here in the future, as she plans to study economics in college.


Vineeta Muvvala

Lynbrook High School

Class of 2023

Vineeta Muvvala is a rising senior at Lynbrook High School, California. Vineeta is part of many clubs on her campus and is president of Intersections, a social justice club, and a state officer in DECA, a competitive business club. In her free time, Vineeta enjoys biking to local restaurants, trying new trader joes snacks, and digital art.

In the future, Vineeta will continue exploring social entrepreneurship. By participating in the LI business program, Vineeta hopes to gain new business skills while making an impact in Nigeria!


Shreya Jain

Evergreen Valley High School

Class of 2023

Shreya Jain is currently a senior attending Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, California, and is a hardworking student who is very excited to be a part of the International Business and Development Program!

Shreya recently moved to Evergreen Valley High School at the beginning of the year and is a part of multiple Advanced Placement courses as well as many extracurriculars both inside and outside of her school. In her free time, she loves to read and go on walks with her family.

Shreya is really excited and thankful to be a part of the International Business and Development Program and is looking forward to being able to use the skills that she learns in order to help people both inside and outside of the program!


Our Business Partner

Comfort Titus

Business Statistics

Comfort is a 25-year-old single woman who lives in Wuntin Dada, Bauchi, and hails from Plateau state. She has earned an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in public administration.

Comfort Titus

About Comfort

Comfort is skilled at washing, weaving, and fixing hair, eyelashes, and nails.

Comfort enjoys connecting with new people through her work. She values both a strong community and her own independence tremendously.

Comfort named her business "C4 Special and Beauty Salon" - the C4 is a play on words! The "c" is for the "c" in Comfort and the "4" denotes the "fort" sound of the rest of her name.

Comfort Titus

Community Impact

Comfort has been running her salon for the past 4 years since 2018, and is currently training two apprentices. She intends to train more young girls, simultaneously helping with unemployment in her community.

Comfort's business helps her pay her bills, send money back home to her parents, and pays the school fees of one of her siblings.

Comfort Titus

Our Partnership

We are honored to work with Comfort, who is an inspiring figure to us as a female entrepreneur.

Comfort plans to expand her business so that she has a separate shop for selling attachments, weaves and other hair and beauty accessories in addition to the salon.

We look forward to helping promote her business. We aim to collaborate on advertising materials to increase her customer base, financial tracking systems, and implementing her plans for the future, including extending spa services and creating a training academy for her apprentices that will promote trade education.

Our Approach


Financially literate entrepreneurs make growth-oriented financial and economic decisions for their savings, borrowing, and investments. Our team is working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to create an effective financial tracking system for his business finances, receipts, and daily costs.


Our team identified target markets and key demographics to create a customer acquisition plan. We are working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to redesign his brand and create effective marketing campaigns.


Steady growth is a critical component of creating self-sustaining communities. Our team is working to identify key areas of opportunity for Isiyaka Sa’ad and design solutions with grant money to improve his business to foster growth.

Our Fundraising



$750 GOAL

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced some of the highest growth rates globally over the past 10 years. While this means that people in these nations have become more optimistic about their social and economic future, the region continues to face a myriad of historical problems. In order to continue steady growth and achieve a future of equitable conditions in the region, our International Internship Program team seeks to build stronger communities from the grassroots level through fundraising for community development.

Funds raised are used to implement community-based education programs, pay staff to run the operations on-site, and invest in training for local leaders. Leadership Initiatives uses fundraised money to develop a network of support for actionable change and accountability between our team, the Leadership Initiatives staff, and the community stakeholders we work with.