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Talbott Dilger

Saint Xavier High School

Class of 2023

Talbott is very excited to have the opportunity to attend the National Security and Intelligence Internship. He is very excited to learn more about the intelligence and national security operations in the United States. He is also very enthusiastic about being able to create a security plan for a group in need.

Talbott is an honors student at Saint Xavier High School who completed many AP courses last year and is enrolled in many more for the coming school year. Talbott is very proud of his participation in KYA(Kentucky Youth Assembly). He was elected to the role of President of the Senate at KYA last year and is looking forward to serving in that role this year. Talbott also started and lead the mock trial team at his school and is excited to do so again this year. He is also very dedicated to sports and is the captain of his school’s cross country and track and field teams.

In the future, Talbott hopes to be awarded the National Army ROTC Scholarship. He plans to complete the ROTC program while getting a degree in business. In the army Talbott plans to join Special Forces, so that he can work around the world to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Logan Groves

Saint Xavier High School

Class of 2023

Logan is a senior at Saint Xavier High School. He takes Advanced Placement classes and honors classes.

Logan enjoys watching a variety of sports and learning history. Logan is also in National Honor Society at school.

Logan is looking forward to helping businesses globally and help these businesses grow.


Stephen Harris

Saint Xavier High School

Class of 2023

Stephen Harris is a senior at Saint Xavier High School. He has a rigorous schedule with 6 AP classes and is highly involved with extracurriculars.

He is a member of the Varsity lacrosse team, a Vice President of the Y chapter, on the leadership board for the Ryken Service Club, a co-founder of the Mock Trial team, and a member of the aerospace and Aviation club. Stephen also has a part time job at Kumon: Math and Reading. In his free time, Stephen enjoys taking flying lessons and playing video games with his two brothers.

Stephen is very excited to be participating the International Business and Development Internship and is looking forward to the opportunity to put his prior knowledge of entrepreneurship to use and to spend his time bettering the lives of others.


Our Business Partner

Isa Ahmed Isa

Business Statistics

He likes to spend his money on meats and drinks.

He like playing soccer.

His dream would be to be in the army.

He has 3 apprentices at his business.

Isa Ahmed Isa

About Isa

Isa Ahmed Isa is a young man from Nigeria who loves to play soccer and hangout with his friends.

He currently owns and operates a vulcanizing business which he uses to support himself and give support to his family.

He hopes to improve the finances of his business and to learn how to better manage his money.

Isa Ahmed Isa

Community Impact

He supports his mother with money many times a week to help her get by. He has no employees, but is looking to hire some once he gets enough money and can expand his business. He does have apprentices though who he trains on the job and who help him.

Isa Ahmed Isa

Our Partnership

So far we have provided logos for our business partner and he chose one he liked very much that only needed a little modification. We are currently working on developing a financial tracking plan for our business partner.

Our Approach


Financially literate entrepreneurs make growth-oriented financial and economic decisions for their savings, borrowing, and investments. Our team is working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to create an effective financial tracking system for his business finances, receipts, and daily costs.


Our team identified target markets and key demographics to create a customer acquisition plan. We are working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to redesign his brand and create effective marketing campaigns.


Steady growth is a critical component of creating self-sustaining communities. Our team is working to identify key areas of opportunity for Isiyaka Sa’ad and design solutions with grant money to improve his business to foster growth.

Our Fundraising



$750 GOAL

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced some of the highest growth rates globally over the past 10 years. While this means that people in these nations have become more optimistic about their social and economic future, the region continues to face a myriad of historical problems. In order to continue steady growth and achieve a future of equitable conditions in the region, our International Internship Program team seeks to build stronger communities from the grassroots level through fundraising for community development.

Funds raised are used to implement community-based education programs, pay staff to run the operations on-site, and invest in training for local leaders. Leadership Initiatives uses fundraised money to develop a network of support for actionable change and accountability between our team, the Leadership Initiatives staff, and the community stakeholders we work with.