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Our Internship Team


Jane Li

Shen Wai International School

Class of 2023

Jane is a senior at Shen Wai International School. She is passionate in community service and human rights advocacy, and she is enrolled in the International Baccelaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

At school, Jane is the Secretary General of the Model United Nations club, as well as the leader of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Club (DE) and an initiator of the Depression and Anxiety for Teens Support Group (DATSG). Jane is passionate in music and playing the piano, and has held her own private piano concert before. During her free time, Jane enjoys playing basketball and volleyball.

Jane is excited and honoured to be a part of the International Business Internship Program this year as she has always been passionate in business management and global business. This program is important to Jane as she often does research on those in poverty, but this will give her a chance to actually interact with those people, understand their unique personal experiences, and make a positive change to their livelihoods.


Catheline Dodel

Li Po Chun United World College

Class of 2024

Catheline Maleine Dodel is a senior at Li Po Chun United World College. She is a dedicated student who takes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Her six subjects include Economics, Physics, and Chemistry at the higher level, as well as English Literature, Mandarin B, and Mathematics Analysis and Approaches at the standard level.

Catheline enjoys public speaking, debate, playing volleyball, and being artistic. At school, she is one of the leaders for the Model United Nations club and the Volleyball club. She is also the leader for her school’s Mock Trial team. During her free time, Catheline enjoys reading, being active, and working on various art projects.

Catheline is excited to be part of the International Business and Development Internship. She is extremely interested in economics, as well as the behind-the-scenes to running a business. Although she hopes to pursue a major in a STEM field, she is also interested in pursuing her interest in economics through internships and online programmes. After this internship, Catheline wants to apply the skills and knowledge gained to work towards pitching her own business idea.


Our Business Partner

Sani Adamu

Business Statistics

Sani inherited his business from his father, who is also the person who taught Sani the art of barbering.

Sani wants to keep his barbershop comfortable for customers, making them feel at home. He has a lot of regular who have come to his barbershop for a long time.

Sani has around 20 years of experience in the barbershop business, and offers services ranging from cuts to application of relaxers.

Sani Adamu

About Sani

Sani Adamu is a 40 year-old man from Ungwan Mahaukata Railway Road in Bauchi. He is married to Amina, and has 5 children: 4 boys and 1 girl. Sani lives with his family and mother, and acts as the breadwinner for the family.

From 8 A.M to 10 P.M, Sani works at his barbershop. In addition to running the business, he also trains apprentices from his community. Outside of goals for his business, he also hopes to complete the building of his house by 2023.

Sani’s dream is to make a difference and break the cycle of poverty in his community in Bauchi, by training apprentices and becoming a force to reckon with.

Sani Adamu

Community Impact

Through his business, Sani hopes to continue supporting his family of 7, sending all his children to school, and building his house he aims to complete by 2023.

Within the years he's worked in the barbering business, Sani has trained over 50 apprentices from his community, and he currently has 3 apprentices that will soon graduate.

In the future, Sani hopes the government will send him youth for him to train with him as a barber. One day, he dreams to help break the cycle of poverty in his community.

Sani Adamu

Our Partnership

Sani is excited to work with Leadership Initiatives' International Business Development interns and trusts the program will help him reach his dreams.

Sani's customers are usually returning customers or new ones that see the barbershop and directly walk in for service. In order to maintain customer loyalty and build a brand image, we have been working with Sani to develop marketing techniques and a unique selling point of the barbershop service.

With our partnership, we hope to help Sani raise his sales, develop a loyal customer base, and expand his business so he can continue supporting his family and community.

Our Approach


Financially literate entrepreneurs make growth-oriented financial and economic decisions for their savings, borrowing, and investments. Our team is working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to create an effective financial tracking system for his business finances, receipts, and daily costs.


Our team identified target markets and key demographics to create a customer acquisition plan. We are working with Isiyaka Sa’ad to redesign his brand and create effective marketing campaigns.


Steady growth is a critical component of creating self-sustaining communities. Our team is working to identify key areas of opportunity for Isiyaka Sa’ad and design solutions with grant money to improve his business to foster growth.

Our Fundraising



$750 GOAL

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced some of the highest growth rates globally over the past 10 years. While this means that people in these nations have become more optimistic about their social and economic future, the region continues to face a myriad of historical problems. In order to continue steady growth and achieve a future of equitable conditions in the region, our International Internship Program team seeks to build stronger communities from the grassroots level through fundraising for community development.

Funds raised are used to implement community-based education programs, pay staff to run the operations on-site, and invest in training for local leaders. Leadership Initiatives uses fundraised money to develop a network of support for actionable change and accountability between our team, the Leadership Initiatives staff, and the community stakeholders we work with.