Blushel Ocbina

Blushel has been involved with Leadership Initiatives since 2005 when she established and managed LI’s programs in the Philippines. Following the conclusion of her contract in 2007, Blushel became an active volunteer and supporter of the organization, eventually joining the advisory board in 2009 and serving as its chair in 2012. Blushel joined the LI Board in 2013 and has been serving as its vice-chair since. Blushel brings to Leadership Initiatives her passion for community service and development. Her involvement in numerous community service programs over the years has allowed her to better understand the important role of the individual in effecting change.

Blushel is an alumna of the University of Southern California. She has more than 12 years of professional experience serving the needs of public, private, and civic organizations in the areas of strategic communications, change management, marketing, branding, portfolio management, program management, project management, stakeholder management, proposal management, and business analysis/business process improvement. Blushel is currently employed by Booz Allen Hamilton where she has been since 2011.