The International Business & Development Internship

Leadership Initiatives is working to end extreme poverty in Northern Nigeria through entrepreneurship and innovation. As part of the International Business & Development program, Leadership Initiatives identifies small business owners for our program who live under $1.90 a day, have little formal business education, and struggle to provide for their family’s basic needs.

Once business owners have completed training, Leadership Initiatives pairs International Business & Development interns with a business partner and business mentor. Interns are given the opportunity to help tackle major issues at the grassroots level by working directly with small business owners to support and incubate local entrepreneurs. Students will work with Leadership Initiatives staff over the course of nine months to provide income-generating solutions that focus on food supply, women empowerment, environment and sustainability, personal care, and mobility.

The International Business & Development Internship aims to introduce interns to the complexities and challenges of running a small business and working within community development. Interns will gain an understanding of the unwavering commitment, focus, and determination required to work within this field. From working with interns, local business owners will have new knowledge of entrepreneurial skills they need to create business opportunities that will contribute to socio-economic development and significantly transform their lives.

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Our Internship Team

Our Business Partner

Musa Shirimzu Lumi

Barber Business Statistics


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Bauchi, Nigeria




Barber Services

Engaging With Customers

Business Statistics

About Musa

Community Impact

Our Partnership

Future Goals

Musa is a 33-year-old man from Wuntin Dadda, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Musa is the oldest of 8 siblings, is married, and has a 2 year old daughter. When he is not working, Musa loves spending time with his family.

Musa's daily routine involves heading to the barbershop and waiting for clients to arrive. Before starting his business, Musa worked as a procurement officer for an organization called NGO.

His Story

Musa Shirimzu Lumi

Community Impact

Musa started his business because he loves being around people. His main goal is to provide an environment for people in his community to mingle and discuss important issues. He strives to create a place for people to not only get their hair cut, but also help each other.

Through his business, Musa is able to support his siblings, wife, and child. In addition to this, Musa currently has 3 employees whom he teaches. Musa hopes to be able to mentor more young boys in the community.

Musa Shirimzu Lumi

Our Partnership

Musa is very happy and thrilled to be working with Leadership Initiatives and the participants of the International Leadership & Business Internship.

After working for more than 5 years, Musa hopes to expand and diversify his business. He plans to start selling clothing, shoes, and perfume. This expansion can aid in his goal of mentoring more young boys in the community and creating a place where items are readily available for men.

Musa also hopes to gain more knowledge on barbing, financial management, and customer retention strategies.

Musa Shirimzu Lumi

Hopes For The Future

Musa hopes to continuously grow his business and attract more customers. He would love to start using social media to attract a wider audience. Musa also wants to make sure that he is updated on all the trends and plans to apply them into his business.

In Bauchi, having adequate electricity is a huge problem. Musa plans to use his increased profits towards fueling his generator on a daily basis as well as provide for his family.

Musa is a big people person and is certain that through this partnership, he can make a positive impact in his community.

Musa Shirimzu Lumi

Our Approach


Financially literate entrepreneurs make optimal financial and economic decisions about savings, borrowing, and investments. Our team is working with Musa Shirimzu to create an effective financial tracking system for his business finances, receipts, and daily costs.


Our team has created a feasible bookkeeping system for Mr. Shirimzu. He will be able to record transactions and effectively keep track of his income and expenses. This bookkeeping system is simple to use and provides critical information regarding the financial details of Mr. Shirimzu’s business.

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Our team identified target markets and key demographics to create a customer acquisition plan. We are working with [BP Name] to redesign [his/her] brand and create effective marketing campaigns.


Steady growth is a critical component of creating self-sustaining communities. Our team is working to identify key areas of opportunity for [BP Name] and design solutions to improve [his/her] business to foster growth.

Our Fundraising


Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced some of the highest economic growth rates globally over the past 10 years. While this means that people in these nations have become more optimistic about their socio-economic future, the region continues to face a myriad of problems. In order to continue steady growth and achieve a future of equitable conditions in the region, our International Internship Program team seeks to build stronger communities from the grassroots level through fundraising for community development.

Funds raised are used to incubate new business and community ventures, pay staff to run the program on-site, fund student-created solutions, and invest in training for local leaders and entrepreneurs. Leadership Initiatives uses fundraised money to develop a network of support for actionable change and accountability between our team, the Leadership Initiatives staff, and the community stakeholders we work with.